We have been waiting for this day for almost two years. Breast Support Group meetings used to happen every month before COVID struck and since then, we had no choice but to migrate to the Zoom mode. We adapted well but nothing like an -in-& person meeting.
The Champions came back to enliven our space and brought with them the energy that one can experience only by being there. The ones who have recently crossed paths with cancer looked up at those who had done the journey and were living lives more enriching than before. Some thanked cancer for transforming their lives and others felt blessed that cancer had touched their lives, as it had changed the very lens through which they were looking at life.
Their laughter rang true, their singing had everybody pitch in, their superlative attempt at dancing with the leader and their unbridled enthusiasm made it an event to remember!!

Thanks to all my colleagues at Max Institute of Cancer Care who pitched in and to the Management who helped us put this together.🙏🙏

Gratitude to Susheela, Shreya, Divya and Abhishek for pitching in selflessly!💕💕

We will come back with more as we know for sure that HAPPINESS COMES IN MANY COLOURS!!!!🌈🌈🌈

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