2nd Opinion


A diagnosis of cancer can be quite a rattling experience and the affected person goes through a whirlwind of emotions, doubts and questions. It takes time to reconcile to the diagnosis and then comes the time of finding the right expert  to deal with your condition. When you meet up with the expert and go over the entire treatment plan, you would realise that there may be different ways of dealing with the same situation. To understand more and become comfortable with the plan best suited to you, you may want to seek a second opinion

There is no need to feel apologetic about taking a second opinion. It will only help reinforce your confidence in executing the treatment plan. It is possible that one may have to undergo a few more tests suggested by the second doctor to concretise the plan. This process will help you seek your area of comfort and decide which doctor, multidisciplinary team and the hospital would be a good choice for you.

In these COVID times, when visiting hospitals and doctors may not be a feasible option, virtual consult is possible. Technology has allowed for easy communication and a second opinion can be sought from the comfort of your home. All that you need to do is to upload the electronic copies of your investigations and keep a chronological summary of your case handy to facilitate effective and systematic communication.

Things to keep in mind when you seek a second opinion

  1. Please organise all your clinical notes and investigations before seeking a second opinion
  2. Make sure you have the imaging films or CDs handy
  3. Keep in mind the logistics, considering it is a long drawn treatment and a well-equipped centre with multidisciplinary teams, closer home will serve your purpose better.
  4. Keep your list of questions handy and take notes to optimise your time spent.
  5. Most importantly, see how well you vibe with your oncologist. The treatment happens over several months and if your oncologist is helpful, accessible, available and patient with the questions that crop up during treatment, is a big plus.

Getting a second opinion reinforces your convictions about the forthcoming journey and arms you with the necessary information and makes you more confident about the decisions that you have taken in the best interest, in collaboration with the experts.