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Five Minutes of Inspiration

When I finished surgical training and started my career in Oncology (which was purely by chance), I was not sure, if this is where I wanted to be. Oncology grew on me and I subspecialized in Breast Cancer… and surely, this did not dawn on me, suddenly. I was truly inspired… by my mentor who had oodles of energy, could work for 16 hours without a break, dreamt only big, smiled always, would rarely ever get upset and most importantly had the TIME, to inspire! I was fortunate as I could just share space with him and get inspired and motivated to do my thing.

That was about 23 years ago and as the years rolled by and as mountains beyond mountains kept getting captured, there is one thing that shrank, abysmally – TIME. There are times when the chips are down when you want to go into rewind mode when you want to dig out those words of inspiration and want that little nudge or push…. To start dreaming again and building again, and getting to yet another level of uncharted territory. All that you need is those 5 minutes of inspiration to ignite those dreams, that simmer below the surface without taking off…..5 MINUTES… it asking for too much?

How many of you have felt like that?


Excellent ABSICON… attractive format, well thought out debates, stimulating discussions, erudite faculty, superb participation, great hospitality and grand entertainment (Sufi performance was stupendous!)👏👏👏

A conference befitting ten years of ABSI!! I was there 10 years ago and this time was certainly special!!

Heartening to see young, enthusiastic breast surgeons thronging the place to share their experience (200 abstracts)and to gain from the wisdom of stalwarts from India and overseas… all for the patients’ good!👍👍

A huge shout out to Aditi Chaturvedi, Karishma Kirti, Kirti Katherine Kabeer, Dr. Reetu Dogra, Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati, Garvit Chitkara and many more (memory fails me😙), for painting an optimistic picture for the future of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

Many congratulations to Dr. N Raghuram, Dr. Somashekhar, Dr. Ashwin Rajagopal, Dr. SVS Deo, Diptendra Sarkar, the overseas faculty and the entire team for putting this together!!


Teej Celebrations at Max Hospital Patparganj….this is where the Breast Support Group blossomed 8 years ago and gave wings to the aspirations of many of these courageous Champions.

COVID kept us away from each other for the longest that we have stayed apart but now it was time to come together to celebrate yet again, the way only Champions know how!

TEEJ, it was! The tastefully done decor enhanced the festive atmosphere, beautifully While very possible shade of green you could imagine was there, what struck us most were the widest smiles and the return of the Jadoo ki Jhappi! The enthusiasm was infectious and they all sang and they all danced like there was no tomorrow.

The energy that suffused the space could have put a Thunderbolt to shame! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Thank you Champions for living up to your name and filling the new entrants with the hope that tomorrow will be as bright for them as it is for you, today!

A huge thanks to Dr. Kousar Shah, Senior Vice President Operations, Max Patparganj for encouraging us with his presence and reaffirming that We Care beyond Cure! And to the wonderful marketing team, especially Mansi Jhamb for delivering more than the expected!

And to the fabulous Oncology team – doctors, nurses, coordinators, staff, who delighted all with their Presence, Performance and Pizzaz!!

The celebrations have only begun!!!


My young colleague’s husband has started his career as a Surgical Oncologist and has started feeling the pressure of external ‘expectations’
His idealism is intact and he wants to offer his services with utmost integrity, empathy and skill. However, the world of touts and middlemen, take it upon themselves to paint a bleak future for him, by not complying to their roadmap . The conversation veers around sending patients to XYZ diagnostics, sending a cut to the referring practitioner, appeasement parties for people around who matter etc. Their prediction-Non compliance to these measures, could spell doomsday for his early career.

These pressures are real, leaving you with two options-to succumb to the pressure or to stand ground.

My advice to this young colleague is to stand ground- ‘It may be a difficult choice but the gratification of doing the right thing without compromising on your ideals, is unmatched. Recognition will take time to come but the wait will be worth its weight in gold. Honesty cannot hide under swathes of lies and will always find its way to shine through. So, keep doing the good work honestly, diligently and remain that doctor who becomes the most sought after, one who is available, accessible and able because even patients can sense the genuineness in your conduct and service. They, alone, are your true ambassadors! Success will be left with no choice but to seek you out.’

Most doctors make this choice of standing ground and are not poorly for it. Enticements are for the faint hearted but that we are not!

Wish you well my friend and many with and after you!



Thank you, Murari Bhaiyya!

The time on the clock is 2.00pm and surely the gastric juices searching for food can only grumble and growl in the stomachs of surgeons who have been relentlessly operating since morning. My team is no different.

In between cases, lunch happens and the provider is a gentle, well mannered, Murari Bhaiyya, so full of empathy that doctors may like to pull out a leaf from his book. He takes it upon himself to ensure that his flock of doctors, nurses and the support staff in the theatre are provided for. He personally loads his trolley of food and serves everyone with a smile taking care of each one’s needs, pickle for one, green chilly for another, chutney for yet another and so on. He will always insist that you go for a second helping, like mothers do. And all this and more, without expecting anything in return. I carry food from home, but he will always ask me to try something from his fare.
If he gets to know that some of his flock are operating, he will keep food aside for them and ensure that they don’t go hungry, if it is past lunch time. The positive vibes he adds to the food makes it a treat to relish.

The passion for his work is unmatched. I don’t know how much he gets paid for his services but what he makes of his job, is priceless!!

May the Divine bless him abundantly!!