The Champions Rocked It!!!


Teej Celebrations at Max Hospital Patparganj….this is where the Breast Support Group blossomed 8 years ago and gave wings to the aspirations of many of these courageous Champions.

COVID kept us away from each other for the longest that we have stayed apart but now it was time to come together to celebrate yet again, the way only Champions know how!

TEEJ, it was! The tastefully done decor enhanced the festive atmosphere, beautifully While very possible shade of green you could imagine was there, what struck us most were the widest smiles and the return of the Jadoo ki Jhappi! The enthusiasm was infectious and they all sang and they all danced like there was no tomorrow.

The energy that suffused the space could have put a Thunderbolt to shame! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Thank you Champions for living up to your name and filling the new entrants with the hope that tomorrow will be as bright for them as it is for you, today!

A huge thanks to Dr. Kousar Shah, Senior Vice President Operations, Max Patparganj for encouraging us with his presence and reaffirming that We Care beyond Cure! And to the wonderful marketing team, especially Mansi Jhamb for delivering more than the expected!

And to the fabulous Oncology team – doctors, nurses, coordinators, staff, who delighted all with their Presence, Performance and Pizzaz!!

The celebrations have only begun!!!

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