Breast feed you must, but what about that lump in the breast?


Today is the culmination of the International Breast Feeding Week.
I want to take your focus away from the goodness of breast milk and feeding, about which a lot has been said already. When my colleague’s young sister, who is nursing her two month baby, casually mentioned a lump in the breast, my colleague did not make too much of it. She has had similar lumps during the past pregnancy, which went away on their own.

When she said she had started feeling the lump in the latter half of her pregnancy, my colleague was quick to get her investigated and a biopsy confirmed his worst fears… it was breast cancer!

Pregnancy associated breast cancer is a known entity, presenting often late, as most of the changes in the breast are attributed to pregnancy and lactation. It is here, that we need to up our ante and not ignore any new lump that surfaces during pregnancy and breast feeding. 9 out of 10 times, it would be something innocuous, but for that one which may turn out to be cancer, one needs to visit a breast surgeon and get the lump investigated and seen to it’s natural conclusion.

While you enjoy your pregnancy and bond with your child over breast feeding, do not forget to be breast aware. Your awareness will surely save your day and be a blessing to your family!

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