Breast Cancer Awareness 2022, Max Institute of Cancer Care, Max Hospital, Vaishali – Event No. 1


By 2025, the annual incidence of breast cancer in our country is likely to get to 2.25 lacs/ year. The percentage of advanced breast cancer is still an alarming 60-70%.

We have to keep the conversations going, with women and men alike, to up the awareness level and detect breast cancers early. At this unique event, hosted by Max Hospital Vaishali, we had women leaders, CEOs, managers, Principals, and entrepreneurs participate in an engaging panel discussion. While they put forth their views, their insights were sharpened by our experts and the stories of courage by our breast cancer champions. I am sure they went back enlightened with a promise to spread the word within their sphere of influence.🎀🎀🎀

Neeti Palta regaled us with her humor and superb timing taking potshots at our male counterparts.😂😂😂. Absolutely on point!😁

Thank you Dr Gaurav Aggarwal and Dr. Harit Chaturvedi along with Jatin Verma, Vanshikha, Shahzad Hussain, Sushila Kasana Jainer and team for making this beautiful event happen.

Ladies, you are truly the Voice of Change as we celebrate the Spirit of Pink at Max Healthcare, this October month. What we do may be a drop in the ocean but I can see the ripples forming.

The Voice of Change will only get louder!

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