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SURGERY FOR BREAST CANCER IS NOT ABOUT REMOVING BREASTS, ALWAYS… In the 1960’s, the conviction that breast cancer was a systemic disease at inception and not a local disease, prompted trials to address one question- ‘Are we doing too much?’ Radical mastectomy was replaced by modified radical mastectomy- a procedure not as mutilating as radical mastectomy ( the chest muscles were preserved)but still one, which involved loss of an organ. Moreover, to a woman, it meant much more than the loss of an organ. It probably entailed a huge psychological blow besides casting a shadow on her feminity. She, being the woman she was, in those days, came to terms with this loss, in the best manner possible. All that mattered to her was her getting well, on her feet and ready to discharge the duties of a wife, mother, daughter and more. And there was really no choice then because the doctors treating her were also convinced that sacrificing the breast was the only chance of getting well. More tomorrow.....on Evolution of treatment
It was Breast Support group meeting yesterday!Psychological problems during treatment and the coping mechanisms were discussed. Most ladies were of the view that they hated being excluded from all those activities that were their forte before the illness. All that they desired was normalcy or..... Whatever was closest to being normal!
BLESSED TO KNOW MAMTA GOENKA! It had been long since I had met Mamta Goenka.Yesterday we met again!From the time I met her for the first time 7 years ago, I knew I had bumped into a remarkable woman with a heart of gold. She had an openness about her. Her warmth would embrace you much before her physical hug.Her smile would never leave her face. She was a woman in control of herself. She had flown down to Delhi to conduct a Lymphedema workshop for our patients in Max Hospital, Patparganj, on the request of my Radiation Oncology colleague, who had interacted with her in the past and spoke volumes about her selflessness, dedication and commitment to help women cope with difficulties they faced after surgery, for breast cancer, at the TATA Memorial Hospital. Mamta has herself been through the journey of dealing with breast cancer twice, in the last decade.She knew the routine like the back of her hand. She knew what Lymphedema ( arm swelling) was (having dealt with it herself)and how it was an imminent possibility in 20-30% women who underwent axillary surgery for breast cancer. She also knew how debilitating it could be if it was not dealt with correctly. Mamta made it her life mission to teach and train women with breast cancer the exercises, the application of compression sleeves and bandages, drainage not only deal with Lymphedema but also to prevent it. To make sure she was doing it the right way, she trained herself in the US and Europe. Her passion has helped many a woman steer clear of this unwelcome problem. I call Mamta the ‘Champion Of Champions!’I had the pleasure of meeting her again yesterday as she came back to Delhi yet again to interact with women who needed her expertise. All that was required to bring Mamta back was a phone call. What makes it even more awe inspiring is that Mamta was struck a third time by cancer 2 years ago. Despite this blow, she remains unfazed! She takes it in her stride and is back to doing what she does best- helping women deal with Lymphedema and inspiring each one of them to take charge of their lives and take good care of themselves. She has touched about 15000 lives so far. There is no stopping her as she goes about life with a radiant smile on her face and a song on her lips. I salute you, Mamta and wish you a happy and healthy life!! #Lymphedema #Breast Cancer #Max Hospital Patparganj and Vaishali
I am not a much awarded person in the conventional sense but today was different as I became the proud recepient of the CEO’s award at the annual function of Max Healthcare. I have never hankered after awards because everyday, I get rewarded in more ways than one. As I have evolved as a person, the acknowledgement that comes from the doorman to the coordinators to the nurses, to my colleagues and most of all from my patients, inspires me to do more, better than before! When they smile at me, hold my hands entrusting their lives to me, bless me with the best in life and get their children to meet me..I have truly earned my reward! The responsibility that comes with these offerings are huge and my deepest respect for all those who sincerely feel for me. The CEO’s award has been overwhelming in many ways. I do what I do, with a lot of passion and the very thought that I was considered deserving of this coveted award, is very humbling.I am truly grateful to this wonderful organisation I work for, with immense pride, and dedicate this award to all those who walk alongside me, day after day, pushing the singular agenda of offering the best to patients! The journey continues..... #CEO Award #Breast Cancer #Max Patparganj and Vaishali