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> Updates > Corona virus and its ability to spread viciously is known to everyone now. The Indian Govt has done very well so far in reducing the brunt of the onslaught which has consumed several developed nations, and now it is the turn of the citizens of our country to rise to the occasion.While our healthcare system is not well equipped to handle a full blown crisis, let us do our bit by social distancing and cleaning our hands... the right way!Prompted by my senior colleague and friend Dr Kanika Gupta, I exhort each one of you to start a ‘Soap Bhandara’. Distribute soaps without the cover to your maids, rickshawwallahs, security guards and anyone else you think would not think too much about hand hygiene. Show them the right method of cleaning hands and we would have done our bit to contain the virus.Let us go for it! Tomorrow Dr Kanika and I will seek out the discerning ones outside Vaishali Metro Station.#coronavirus #handhygiene #soapbhandara #victory #cleanhands