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SLNB is a technique used in early breast cancer wherein only those lymph nodes which are likely to be affected by breast cancer are identified using dual technique- Radio-isotope and blue dye- and removed at the time of surgery. If these lymph nodes, ranging between 1 and 4 are not affected by cancer, it is unlikely the others would be , thus obviating the need for an axillary clearance ( removing all the lymph nodes in the armpit. The advantage of SLNB is that it reduces the incidence of arm swelling( Lymphedema) to less than 5% which is more than 20% after axillary clearance. The shoulder dysfunction is also much lesser after SLNB

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Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath

Breast Surgical Oncologist | Oncoplastic Surgeon


Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath has been asssociated with Surgical Oncology for the past 18 years with special interest in breast cancer. Gained valuable experience in treating a whole range of cancers. She is actively engaged in performing the entire range of surgeries recommended for breast cancer including modified radical mastectomies, breast conservation surgeries, onco-plastic breast conservation surgeries, mastectomies with immediate reconstruction, sentinel lymph node biopsies and excision of stereotactically localised lesions etc. She did a fellowship in the Breast Unit of the largest cancer centre in UK, Royal Marsden Hospital, London in 2003-2004. She aims to make a difference to the lives of patients suffering from breast cancer by providing comprehensive services targeted at not only treatment but also rehabilitation. She is available for consultation at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, where she runs the Breast Clinic.

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